About Us

Welcome to Lucy Pearl Sweets, where the recipe of 5 generations of cakes, pies and cookies are made in our commercial kitchen, in the heart of Houston, Texas. Keeping the tradition of the early late 1800’s family recipes, each Lucy Pearl Sweets creation is made by hand with love. Customers love the nostalgic experience of our cakes, as each bite reminds them of a time when cooking was simple, food was safe and homemade cakes and pies were made only for the holidays or special occasion dinners.

We are able to bring southern traditional desserts such as (Coconut- pineapple cake, German Chocolate cake, Pound cake, Rum cake, Pecan Pies and Tea cakes just to name a few) to your restaurant or your kitchen table anywhere in the United States.

Our cakes are made fresh, and are free of artificial preservatives or flavors. We blend the freshest products available to bring you the traditions of southern cakes and pies; we keep it simple, you can pronounce everything we use to make your cake!

Check out our wide selection of delectable cake. Order online to receive your holiday or birthday cake delivery from Lucy Pearl Sweets and ensure all of your party guests are satisfied with an indulgent dessert. Use our Calendar to set your arrival date to help your event is a success

Lucy Pearl is a Licensed food manufacturer with the State of Texas, License # 1024437, expires 03/21/21